My Personal CEO©

12066752-business-man-moving-chess-figure-with-team-behind--strategy-or-leadership-conceptAs in the game of chess, there is an unlimited number of moves to consider in your day to day financial life.  Most successful people are entirely too busy to keep everything in their business and personal financial lives in sync, making it very difficult to properly plan for the next chapter.

How do you know you are making all  the right moves?

My Personal CEO© can help.

We understand that you want to do the very best for yourself, your family and your business, but you are busy…. very busy, keeping your life in check.  How can you take on the added responsibility of effectively planning for your next step?  Sure, you may6856883_m have a lawyer who may have prepared estate planning documents long ago and an accountant that does your annual returns.  There’s a broker dealing with personal investments;  probably another handling the company retirement plan and an insurance agent or two in the mix, as well.  But who is helping you stay on top of all of these issues and keeping you on track for your next step? Who clearly understands your “big picture” and your plans for your future?  Who is guiding you to make all the right moves?

????????????????????????????????????????Imagine the convenience and feeling of confidence that comes from being able to make a single call to reach your most trusted adviser, the one adviser that next to you, knows more about you, your business and your personal goals; the one adviser that can intelligently address your questions about that nagging issue that wakes you in the early morning hours.  The one adviser who can coordinate, facilitate and expedite the activities of all of the members of your professional support team.

7508336-chess-on-a-puzzle-boardMy Personal CEO© is the one wealth advisory service that provides the link to a fully coordinated, integrated and successful financial plan for business owners and successful individuals approaching and entering the next phase of their lives.  My Personal CEO© blends all of your personal financial goals into a financial master plan that will serve all of your personal, family and business needs.  From succession planning to retirement funding to tax planning and beyond, My Personal CEO© is here to “put all the pieces together”.


To learn more about My Personal CEO© and to get a complimentary second opinion on your total financial plan, please feel free to contact us at 800-639-2076 or click here….. It’s your move!

My Personal CEO© is a service provided by Creative Financial Strategies, Inc. an Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Littleton, NH.  CFS is licensed to do business in the State of NH. This shall not be deemed to be a solicitation in any jurisdiction where “CFS” is not registered 


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