A New Approach

North Country Firms Announce Financial Advisory Collaboration

 Kevin M. O’Brien, President of Creative Financial Strategies, Inc. (CFS) of Littleton and Donald L. Crane, Partner at Crane & Bell, PLLC, certified public accountants, of Lancaster, NH are pleased to announce a formal collaboration between the two firms, forming a unique financial advisory service.

O’Brien says, “The collaboration of our two firms brings together the unique CFS approach to wealth management with the tax mitigation expertise of Crane & Bell.”  Both firms recognize that there is an unlimited number of moves to consider in one’s day-to-day financial life and that most successful people are entirely too busy to keep everything in their business and personal financial lives in sync, thereby making it very difficult to properly plan for what comes next.

“Our combined service brings together advice on Wealth Preservation, Tax Mitigation, Estate Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Planning for the benefit of successful business owners and individuals in New Hampshire.”  O’Brien goes on to state, “We often find that successful people often have a lawyer who prepared estate planning documents and an accountant that completes the annual returns.  There may be a broker dealing with personal investments and another handling the company retirement plan. We would expect there to be an insurance agent or two included in the mix, as well.  But we often find that each of these folks, with all the best intentions, are only dealing with their singular area of expertise.  Who is helping the busy business owner stay on top of all of the issues?   Who clearly understands their “big picture” and their plans for the future? Who is putting all the pieces together?”

Crane states, “Imagine the convenience and feeling of confidence that comes from being able to make a single call to reach your most trusted advisers, the advisory firm that, next to you, knows more about you, your business and your overall personal goals; the one adviser that can intelligently address your questions about that nagging issue that wakes you in the early morning hours. Our collaboration is designed to be the one advisory service that provides our clients with the combined experience and knowledge of CFS and Crane & Bell, all under one roof.”

Creative Financial Strategies, Inc. is a NH Registered Investment Advisory firm providing financial advice since 1975.  Crane & Bell CPAs, PLLC is a full service Certified Public Accounting firm with more than 70 years of combined accounting and financial experience.